Honda NS400R Workshop Manual Resource

I have been doing a bit of thinking about this section. Whilst the Parts Book works well in a frame by frame configuration as you might expect being primarily intended for use by dealers in microfiche format, the workshop manual does not work at all well frame by frame. You really need the thing in printed form within easy reach while working on the bike. I have decided therefore to stick the manual into Word documents so that they can be printed out as complete chapters. The downside of this approach is that the chapters take a while to download particularly if you are using a 56k modem but will ultimately save you time. Bigger chapters will take longer than shorter ones so patience is definitely a virtue here. I suggest you use a laser printer to print them out as the print is darker than inkjet. Ultimately however, I suggest that you try to locate an original copy of the workshop manual. They do become available from time to time unlike the Parts Book which is virtually unobtainable.
Many of the Workshop Manual Scans on these pages have been kindly copied to me by Ian whose Site, Forum and Mirror of the Parts Manual can be found at His generosity has saved my scanner and workshop manual much strain!


Workshop Manual Sequence
Section 1 Information
Section 2 Lubrication
Section 3 Maintenance
Section 4 Fuel System
Section 5 Engine Removal & Installation
Section 6 Cylinder Head, Cylinder & Piston
Section 7 Clutch, Kick Starter & Idler
Section 8 Gearshift Linkage
Section 9 ATAC
Section 10 Crankcase & Crankshaft
Section 11 Cooling System
Section 12 Steering & Front Wheel
Section 13 Rear Wheel & Suspension
Section 14 Hydraulic Brakes
Section 15 Covers, Fairing & Exhaust
Section 16 Battery & Charging System
Section 17 Ignition System
Section 18 Lights, Instrumentation & Switches
Section 19 Wiring Diagram
Section 20 NS400R Technical Features
Section 21 Troubleshooting