Raask rearsets

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Raask rearsets

Post by RedRider »

Has anyone tried their products? They look pretty cool and would get rid of the junk, stock footpegs! Maybe we could get a group discount? [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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Raask rearsets

Post by torq »

Raask's dont have a good reputation on any of the forums that I read. They are generally thought to be a low quality product. I have a set on my RD400 and I had to cut a piece off the brake pedal so the kickstart shaft would clear it.


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Raask rearsets

Post by Ardon »


RAASK equipment is very crap!

Cheap pot ally and you can actually see them wear away while you look at them in your workshop/backyard/garage etc in real time!!!!

Steer Clear Mate!!!

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